Independent Marketing Researchers

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   Adele Willenbecher
Del combines her specialty in in-depth interviewing of business decision-makers and professionals with her expertise in data analysis to develop research projects and create reports that clearly and thoroughly answer clients’ research questions. She has developed unique expertise in using software to analyze large data sets collected from qualitative interviews. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing research, Adele has completed projects in the health care, insurance, employee benefits, pharmaceutical, financial services, and non-profit sectors. Adele held positions in marketing, underwriting, and systems at CIGNA and the Colonial Penn Group. She served as a statistician with the Montgomery County (PA) Drug & Alcohol Council and worked in the research and development office of the Lutheran Church in America. Since 1993, as an independent researcher, Del has conducted qualitative and quantitative marketing research projects for a variety of clients, for both business and consumer markets. She holds both an MA and a MBA from Temple University and has earned her CPCU.

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   Bonnie Eisenfeld
Bonnie thrives on finding answers to marketing questions and using them to drive marketing strategy and communications. Most recently, she has conducted research on new product development, customer satisfaction and motivation, lost customers, and pharmaceutical products. She specializes in managing in-depth interviewing projects among business and professional respondents and has expertise in cost-efficient research design, questionnaire writing, report writing, and secondary research. Bonnie led CIGNA’s Corporate Marketing Research function for 11 years, managing research projects in the employee benefits, healthcare, and financial service categories, including U.S and foreign markets. Prior to that she led the commercial and trust marketing function for a major Philadelphia bank. In that position, she managed marketing research, planning, and communications strategy for business and affluent markets. Bonnie holds a MA in communications from the Annenberg School for Communication and a BA in social science from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Contact: or (215) 567 - 1635 

   Charlotte Bliss
Charlotte is an independent market researcher with extensive experience in primary and secondary research for business and consumer markets. Her specialties include in-depth interviewing with foreign and domestic executives and consumers, competitive intelligence, internet surveys, and secondary research. She has applied these skills in industries including pharmaceuticals, health care, financial services, manufacturing, and consumer products. She has particular strengths in product concept testing, market feasibility, sales channel analysis, and customer satisfaction research. Before becoming a private consultant, she worked in marketing research at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and at CIGNA Corp., where she focused on benefits and healthcare, and for other organizations in financial services and consumer products. Charlotte holds a BA in communication arts and an MS in instructional media from the University of Wisconsin, and has been trained in focus group moderating.

Contact: or (610) 949 - 9314 

Margaret Meigs
Margaret specializes in qualitative research methods and has extensive experience conducting focus groups. She is also an expert in online research methods, research with business and professional respondents including C-level decision-makers, telephone in-depth research, and global research. She has applied research insights to strategic decisions including new product development, communications, and customer acquisition and retention for over 20 years, with particular experience in financial services and health care. Other industries include education, business services, arts and culture, travel and tourism, and membership organizations. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Margaret was a senior marketing researcher at Hase/Schannen, The Melior Group, and CIGNA Corp. She holds a BA from Trinity College and an MBA in Marketing from Temple University.

Contact: or (215) 620 - 6570

Susan McMillan Sue has 25 years of experience as a marketing researcher and business analyst. She is currently an independent marketing consultant with expertise in qualitative research, specializing in in-depth interviews and focus groups with physicians, other healthcare professionals, patients and business decision-makers.  She has industry expertise in pharmaceuticals, health care, employee benefits, insurance, and consumer packaged goods.  Her most recent position was senior researcher for Curtis Analytic Partners, and before that she was an independent contractor for CIGNA and a business analyst for Kraft Frozen Desserts. She holds an MBA from American University and a BA from Brandeis University.

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Dana Robinson

Dana has 25 years of experience as a marketing researcher. He is currently an independent marketing consultant with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research, specializing in in-depth interviews and focus groups with business respondents. He has industry experience in pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance, technology, health care, small business and not-for-profit organizations. His most recent position was senior research director at Lieberman Research Group. Prior to that he was an account manager at International Communications Research and research director at CIGNA. He holds a PhD in Public Policy Analysis from the Wharton School and an MA and BA from Brown University. Dana has also attended courses on focus group development and moderating through the RIVA Training Institute.

Contact: or (610) 623 - 7786